The KAC company

The leading manufacturer of automotive components in Russia. 

The KAC company

    The KAC Company is the largest supplier for ZF Group in Europe. Since the end of the past century we have been traditional suppliers for the assembly lines of such industrial giants as AvtoVAZ, GAZ, PAZ, UAZ, etc.

Currently, as never before, the Russian automotive market experiences the great demand in high-quality auto components at an affordable price. Understanding the importance of the mission, we aim towards expanding our production and entering the Russian aftermarket with a wide range of our products. The advantageous location of our production site in the Central region of Russia helps us to provide the efficient logistics. The range of our products includes suspension springs, stabilizer bars and struts, ball studs, brake caliper pistons, hydraulic cylinders and fasteners.  

Our traditions in “KAC” 

The KAC company keeps up with the times and meets all the requirements for modern production

Our technologies:

Cold heading 

Calibration and phosphating of the coiled wire steel. The fasteners of complicated geometry, such as ball studs with hardening possibility of class 8.8 and 10.9.

Heat treatment

Quenching, tempering, normalization in continuous and box-type furnaces.

Production of springs

Produced using the cold-forming method in diameters of 8mm to 20mm;
Produced using the hot-forming method in diameters of 10mm to 19mm; 

Stamping and Forging production

Using the stamping method, we can obtain endless profiles, perform roll-to-roll steel strip stamping. 

Tool Manufacturing

The production of dies and press-moulds, high-strength tools according to customer drawings.


The automated line includes the zinc-phosphate surface preparation, powder coating with salt spray resistance up to 750 hours.

Mobirise Mobirise

The quality of our products

We make our best efforts to improve the quality and safety of the final product. The company has the quality department including the quality control office, methodology group and the spectral, chemical, physical & mechanical and metallographic analysis laboratory equipped with the most advanced equipment from 3D printers to salt spray chambers. The company is implementing the continuous improvement process based on lean manufacturing Toyota production system principles. ISO 9001 standard has been implemented in the company since 2004. And in 2007, among the first top 10 Russian companies, KAC confirmed its compliance with the very strict requirements of the international quality management standard ISOTS 16949, and later IATF 16949 by the German certification body DQS.

Annual recertification audits

For our partners

Quality manual for our potential and existing suppliers


   One of our priority businesses is the suspension springs. Our equipment, tooling, technology and raw materials fully comply with western analogues. At this moment there are two variants of springs, i.e. Standard and Premium quality.
Standard – the products fully correspond to the originals in terms of their functional properties. They pass all endurance and chemical tests and are provided with the quality certificate. The proper approach towards creating a technological process, reduced logistics costs and time optimisation eventually results in delivering the marketable product with unbeatable set of characteristics, while maintaining all physical and chemical properties at a high level.
Premium – unique product, which is not only inferior in properties to top foreign brands, but, often highly exceeds them in many aspects. The European steel is used as a raw material supplied directly from manufacturer without any intermediaries. This class of springs is produced using a number of Russia-unique technologies, allowing to receive very high technical, physical and performance characteristics of the final product.

Salt spray test

750 hours in salt spray chamber with the prospect of improvement up to 1000 hours


Tests with different loads that simulate the hardest operating conditions

Best price

Business strategy based on lean manufacturing tools

Modern quality control

Control of stiffness and loads, hardness and geometry via modern digital means

 Around the world

    Being a world-class supplier to the international market, our company has a developed logistics network. Throughout many years we established routes to minimise transportation time. International shipments are part of our work, and we do it professionally and responsibly.

More than 50 companies have become our partners


Our suppliers

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